Air Conditioning Repair

Dealing with a defected or fault air conditioner could be overwhelming, and you shouldn’t have to deal with a defected air conditioner on a humid, hot day. If your air conditioning unit isn’t working at all or, it is giving off warm air then, it is time for you to hire air conditioning repair services.

Leicester Air Conditioning Services Ltd has been in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry for more than 20 years, and we utilise years of experience to repair any sort of problem with your air conditioner. We strongly suggest our customers to have their air conditioners repaired on an immediate basis; else it would result in irreparable damages, which isn’t something you would want for your costly air conditioning unit.

We repair all types of Air Conditioner Units and Systems

At Leicester Air Conditioning Services Ltd, we are expert in handling a large scope of A/C repairs. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment to inspect for a problem with your air conditioner and we use modern tools to fix the problem right away!

As a full-service air-conditioning repair and maintenance company, we offer the following services to our clientele:

If you are looking for professional and prompt air conditioning repair and maintenance services in Leicester and its surrounding areas, our team of professional air conditioning technician will arrive at your location fully equipped. They will start with the examination and inspection of your air conditioner unit, and they would suggest a solution accordingly. We repair air conditioners on an immediate basis as well as we offer scheduled services to our customers.

Reach out to us to book an appointment with us today! We encourage you to provide us a background on your air conditioner type/model and help us identify a possible, so we could come up with a certain solution accordingly.

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